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Pouty, kissable lips dominate popular culture. Now more than ever, lips are taking center stage in the most Instagrammable beauty looks. 

Every pair of lips is beautiful and part of the many natural lip shapes that exist. To take full advantage of your pout, first examine the type of lips you have. There are many different lip types, and they all have lovely qualities. 

Specific makeup techniques will help you enhance the natural allure of your lips. Every pair of lips will benefit from intentional skincare techniques, especially ones intended for your lips.

Types of Lips and How to Make Them Pop

Do you know what kind of lips you have? Just like knowing the shape of your face or your proper hair texture, knowing your type of lips is essential. Once you discover the type of lips you have, it will help transform your makeup and beauty routine!

The types of lips include full lips, wide lips, thin lips, heart-shaped lips, heavy upper lips, round lips, bow-shaped lips, small lips, and downward-turned lips.

Full Lips

As the name suggests, full lips display a plump pout balanced between the upper and lower lips. They are traditionally considered a standard of beauty and often dominate a person’s face, like with famous actress Angelina Jolie.

Full lips are easy to enhance. Simply paint them with your favorite shade that complements your skin tone! Call even more attention to your fantastic smile with a high gloss product. Or choose a matte shade to highlight your lips during the day.

If you desire to downplay your full lips, makeup can help you do this too. Choose a nude shade that helps your lips fade into the background. Now that your lips are taking a backseat, play up your eyes with trendy metallic eyeshadow or dramatic eyeliner.

Wide Lips

Wide lips often come with a wide smile. If you have wide lips, your smile will extend from ear to ear on your face. Think of actress Julia Roberts to picture a person who has a wide smile. 

While this is not a description of the thickness of your lips, like with full lips, knowing how to enhance wide lips is a skill. Wide lips can dominate a person’s face as part of a big smile. 

Individuals with wide lips often choose a light or nude lip color shade. This will help downplay this dominant facial feature. 

Your wide lips and bright smile are a spectacular asset, so lip colors are often used infrequently. Similarly, with full lips, focus on making your eyes sparkle for overall balance instead.

However, wide lips still benefit from makeup. Wide lips are often narrower because they’re stretched wide. So, experiment with overlining your lips to add plumpness along with wideness. Focus on adding weight to your bottom lip with lip liner to achieve a balanced pout.

Lip liner is used in different ways to achieve the perfect lips. Play around with nude lip liners or match your liner to your lipstick. Lip liners help define your smile and eliminate messy bleeding of your lipstick.

Thin Lips

Thin lips are characterized by a pair of lips that are both narrow. Both upper and lower lips are not full if you have a pair of thin lips. Actress Jennifer Aniston and Princess Kate Middleton both have thin lips.

While thin lips may seem undesirable, there is plenty to love about thin lips. These lips provide the ultimate versatility for any beautiful look. Those with thin lips can experiment with an overlined, pouty mouth or a beachy, natural lip with a nude gloss.

For fuller lips, overline your lips using a lip liner. Be sure to smudge the edges of your liner and choose a lighter shade for your lower lip for maximum plumpness. A bit of gloss in the center of both lips provides an optical illusion of fuller lips.

Heart-Shaped Lips

If you believe you have heart-shaped lips, there are two telltale characteristics. First, people with heart-shaped lips have a distinct dip in the middle of their upper lip. This feature is known as the cupid’s bow of the lip.

The other trait of someone with heart-shaped lips is a fuller lower lip than the upper lip. Like a cartoon heart, these lips display a thicker bottom and a thinner top half with a sharp dip at the top. Iconic singer Taylor Swift has distinctive heart-shaped lips.

Heart-shaped lips are desirable and so fun to enhance with makeup. These lips are also gorgeous with a simple beauty routine. Whether you choose a dramatic lip shade or a sheer look, use a white eyeliner pencil along your cupid’s bow to play into your heart-shaped lips.

Heavy Upper Lips

Although the difference is small, heavy upper lip shapes are distinct from a heart-shaped lip shape. Top-heavy lips are categorized by a very slight cupid’s bow. As explained above, heart-shaped lips have a very pronounced cupid’s bow and fuller bottom lips.

The heavy upper lip shape is common among Indian women. Bollywood crossover actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a celebrity with heavy upper lips.

One common makeup tip for those with heavy upper lips is different strategies to achieve lip balance. Choose a darker shade for your upper lip to help it recede. Achieve the same effect (but purchase half the lipsticks) by overlining your lower lip.

Round Lips

You have round lips if you don’t have a cupid’s bow, but your lips are the same fullness! These lips appear round on your face. Influencer Kylie Jenner often models with a round lip look.

Achieve a more traditional lip shape by extending your natural lip line past your edges. Draw in a cupid’s bow at the center to enhance this shape. Grab a darker shade to obscure the round shape of your lips.

Plump, round lips are very trendy. Highlight this feature with a glossy pout in a bright shade. These sensual lips can easily take center stage for any alluring beauty look.

Downward-Turned Lips

Some faces are graced with lips that turn down at the edges. The top lip appears to be longer than the bottom and acts like an umbrella over the top lip. While it can look like a permanent frown, it is simply a lip shape.

Famous celebrities with downward-turned lips are actresses Natalie Portman and Kristen Stewart. This lip shape, more than others listed, comes with tips on how to change the shape. Numerous YouTube videos claim to help you lift and adjust downward-turned lips.

If you are looking for a makeup solution to this lip shape, use a highlighter on the sides of your mouth. This removes any shadow from your dominant upper lip. Choose a liner that matches your normal lip color and line your lips close to their natural boundary.

Similar to other kinds of lips, you can use gloss to draw attention to the parts of your lips you like the most. For downward-turned lips, a spot of gloss in the center of your lips draws attention away from the edges.

Bow-Shaped Lips

Bow-shaped lips take a heart-shaped lip to the next level. The heart shape accentuates the cupid’s bow on the top. But bow-shaped lips highlight this feature on the bottom lip as well. This results in a pout almost shaped like the letter M.

Prominent figures with bow-shaped lips include Cuban actress Ana de Armas. This lip shape is considered the rarest and most desirable. Bow-shaped lips benefit from mesmerizing symmetry between the bottom and top lips.

Since this lip shape is so alluring, many choose to highlight their lips in their makeup routine. Glosses and other shiny shades enhance bow-shaped lips beautifully. Unless you are going for a dramatic, goth look, stay away from dark shades that mask this sought-after symmetry.

Small Lips

Small lips are different from wide lips. While wide lips are narrow, they cover a lot of ground. However, small lips can be wide. This lip shape simply takes up less space on your face.

If you’re not sure how to picture small lips, think of actress Renee Zellweger.

Small lips are often full, which makes a pale gloss or lip shade a great fit. Highlight these plump, petite lips with gloss instead of matte lip color. Avoid dark shades, which can make your lips appear smaller. 

Can I Change My Type of Lips?

There are few beauty trends more dominant than beautiful, prominent lips. You could even say achieving the perfect lip is a timeless quest, more than a beauty trend. However, new advancements in beauty technology make it easier than ever to get the lips you desire.


As described above, every female lip type can be enhanced using clever makeup tricks. For example, enhance your cupid’s bow with a white eyeliner pencil. If you want your upper or lower lip to fade into the background, choose a darker shade for one or both lips.

Cosmetic Procedures

Several popular cosmetic procedures and forms of plastic surgery exist to enhance or change your lip shape. Whether you want a permanent fix or short-term experiments in lip fullness, there is an appropriate option for any lip shape.

Short-Term Lip Fillers

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are a new and popular lip filler option. Like the other lip fillers to choose from, this lip filler smooths and plumps your lips. 

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers last about six months and are popular for their low bruising. These fillers can be easily reversed. This filler option has become the leading choice for beauty insiders, replacing the formerly dominant collagen lip filler.

Collagen lip fillers take advantage of collagen, a natural protein that exists abundantly throughout our bodies. Collagen promotes healthy joints and firm and stretchy skin. 

This protein appears in three-quarters of human skin and one-third of all of the body’s protein, including within healthy bones, muscles, and blood. Because this ingredient is so prominent in the human body, there is a low risk when using it to smooth wrinkles and plump lips.

However, because collagen lip fillers took a few visits to the specialist to achieve, this cosmetic procedure was replaced by the more efficient hyaluronic acid option.

Long-Term Lip Filler

Silicon lip fillers represent a permanent option for lip fullness. In addition to their long-term use, silicon lip fillers are less expensive than collagen or hyaluronic acid choices. 

Like silicone implants for other procedures, these lip fillers are pre-made and selected for each person’s desires. Also, you can remove these fillers easily.

While rare, any cosmetic procedure can produce adverse reactions or possible danger. Therefore, it is important to consult with a trusted health professional before choosing lip fillers. Always undergo cosmetic procedures under the supervision of a trained expert.

Lip Exercises

Another way to change your lip shape is through lip exercises. As mentioned when discussing a downward-turned lip shape, YouTube videos exist to help you achieve a taut and defined mouth.

Lip exercises work by stimulating your body’s production of collagen. As the human body ages, collagen becomes more challenging to produce. This results in a loss of elasticity in your skin, degrading joints, and thinner lips.

The jury is still out on whether these exercises truly work and are a good use of time. Explore concepts like face yoga and stimulating massages to pamper and plump your lips.

Lip Care

Make your lipstick pop even more with properly pampered lips underneath. A few simple skincare steps can make your smile even more amazing.

Regular exfoliation of your lips removes dead skin and helps every lip product glide on more smoothly. Staying hydrated will also help you avoid dried-out lips and uneven lip color. 

Many lip issues stem from dehydration. In addition to drinking enough water each day, avoid licking your lips too much. Some people think licking your lips makes them pinker and more alluring, but all it will really do is dry them out.

Avoid wearing lipstick and other lip products when it is not necessary. This will further dry out your lips. Pay attention to the ingredient lists of your balms, lipsticks, and glosses before applying them. Products with alcohols like menthol or camphor will promote chapped lips.


Making the most of your spectacular lips is easy when you know about female lip types. From bow-shaped to wide lips and everything in between, every smile is an alluring one. Learn essential skincare for your lips to keep them looking their best.


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