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Castor oil is extracted from the castor oil plant and has been used in traditional medicine for a long time.  This plant has shown to be able to help a range of conditions from menstrual cramps to inflammation, but can it help tighten our skin for the long haul?

castor oil tighten skin


Why Do We Get Sagging Skin?

Our skin is kept tight and firm in our early years because of two structural proteins, collagen and elastic.  Collagen, a protein, supports and your body's tissues and literally keeps your body from falling apart.

Collagen is the primary component of the body's connective tissue.  Collagen gives your skin strength. Elastin, as its name implies, enables your skin to stretch and bounce back; it is elastic. 

As we age the production of Collagen and Elastin drop and our skin sags lower and lower.

Can Castor Oil Help Sagging Skin?

Castor oil can have beneficial properties on the skin. It help moisturize the skin and combat dryness and dry patches.  Hydrated skin will be more resilient to the damage from our environment and will likely lose it's firmness slower and therefor resist sagging.

So adding castor oil to your anti-aging regiment can certainly help, but it's not quite the skin firming powerhouse it's made our to be

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