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It is commonly known that caffeine has many healthy benefits such as increasing memory, detoxing the liver and reducing the risk of many types of cancer. But you can use caffeine for skin tightening. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and gives skin a youthful, bouncy elasticity. There are a variety not techniques to incorporate caffeine into your skin care routine.

Benefits of Caffeine for Skin

Caffeine can be found in household groceries such as coffee grounds or tea bags. It is a stimulant, which means it raises physiological functions in the body. Caffeine stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. The blood carries away waste and toxins out of the body and brings in nutrients. Caffeine is a diuretic, with means it helps excess water leaves the body. This means that caffeine can help reduce swelling, inflammation, and the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine contains
antioxidants that fight skin damage. Specifically, caffeine increases collagen and elastin in the skin, which makes the skin look and feel tighter. This helps prevent against wrinkles and signs of aging.

De-puff Eye Bags

Had a rough night's sleep? Use tea bags to reduce puffy, swollen eye bags. The caffeine in tea helps to shrink blood vessels and draw out any extra water your cells may be retaining. Green or black tea works the best for this trick. In the morning, dampen two tea bags with cold water and rest them under your eyes for five to ten minutes. This will help you start your day feeling refreshed.

DIY Facial Mask

Making your own facial masks is an easy, inexpensive, natural alternative to buying various anti- wrinkle creams from the store. Mix green tea or green tea powder into a DIY facial mask along with ingredients such as honey, sugar or baking soda. The caffeine in the green tea will tighten your
delicate face skin and leave a healthy-looking glow.

Body Scrub for Cellulite

Although it is difficult to fully get rid of cellulite, caffeine can reduce the appearance of it. You can mix a cup of coffee grounds with coconut oil, honey, sugar, or olive oil to create your own body scrub. Coffee grounds can be used for a DIY body scrub and self-tanner. The coffee grounds help remove dead skins while tinting the body a slightly darker shade. The caffeine will help to stimulate
blood flow that removes waste and fat from cellulite cells.

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