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Have you ever heard of the “turkey neck”?

You’re probably picturing the turkey right now with its saggy neck. Even male chickens have them too.

However, imagine yourself with the turkey and chicken neck.

Not such a pleasant sight, isn’t it?

We’re also guessing you’re touching your necks and feeling the skin beneath your chins and cheeks. This sagging phenomenon is called the jowl, and it encompasses the skin beneath your cheeks and your chin. Many also associate the term “double chins” with this phenomenon.

Why The Jowls?

There are a lot of reasons for this such as ageing (which is inevitable), excess skin from rapid weight loss, excess fat, genetics, bad posture, and poor diet. It’s also a common feature in many individuals, both men and women, young and old alike. With men and women approaching their senior years, it’s mostly because the skin starts to lose elasticity and becomes even thinner. Among young individuals, there’s also another reason which is constantly looking down on smartphones and laptop screens. This is also called the “tech neck”.

The Negative Effects of Jowls On Our Appearance

Undoubtedly, jowls and double chins make a person look older and appear as if they’ve gained or rapidly loss weight. It also makes you envious of celebrities’ sharp and angular jawlines. Some might even lose the joy of taking selfies or smiling and laughing on normal occasions in fear of their jowls showing. All in all, jowls are bad news that a lot of people dread.

Jowl Exercises: An Alternative to Surgeries

While many celebrities are fans of surgeries such as facelifts and neck lifts to rid themselves of these sagging under-chin skins, there are cheaper (and safer) options for non-celebrities too. Some celebrities might even practice these options too. This option is in the form of jowl exercises, and it will help you minimize the chances of their development and their appearance (if you already have them).

If you’re not ready to splurge your cash on surgeries, here are ten exercises you can try out everyday to get a sharper and more prominent jawline:

1. Fake Yawning

Yes, there is such a thing as fake yawning, and it’s not because you want to let someone know that their story is boring you. Instead, this exercise will require you to open your mouth as wide as you can. After that, close it but don’t let your upper and lower teeth touch.

2. Chin Up and Chew Exercise

This exercise’s goal is to help in reducing those double chins. To achieve this exercise, you have to sit straight, point your chin towards the ceiling and then move your jaw as if you were chewing. Do this exercise twenty times.

3. Ceiling Kiss

This exercise requires you to sit straight just and point your chin towards the ceiling like the previous exercise. However, this one will require you to purse your lips up to the ceiling as if you were trying to kiss it. This description may sound funny, but we guarantee that it will tighten the skin on those jowls.

4. Lion Yawn

This exercise is much like fake yawning, except it’s a lion’s yawn we’re trying to achieve. Open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out as far as you possibly can.

5. Lower Lip Over Upper Lip

Again, you’ll need to sit straight and raise your chins to the ceiling. This time, though, you’ll need to jut your lower lip until it covers your entire upper lip.

6. Exaggerated Vowels

By vowels, we don’t mean all five letters. We just need the letters O and E. To do this exercise, you have to verbalize the sounds of both letters. However, you need to use more force and exaggerate your mouth’s movements.

7. Downward Neck Massage

You may think the name of this exercise is self-explanatory. However, there are also additional movements such as looking straight but with your head slightly tilted back. Then, use your fingertips to create downward strokes from the bottom of your neck.

8. Collarbone Hold

Raise your chin again and jut your lower lip as far as you can. You then place your fingertips on your collarbones to stretch both the upper and lower parts of the neck’s skin.

9. Humming

No, we’re not talking about humming like you humming your favorite song as you sweep your floors on a Sunday morning. This humming requires you to press your tongue against your mouth’s roof while doing a soft hum.

10. Up and Down Grin

Grin as widely as you can, but only up until when your mouth feels comfortable! Then slowly move your head up and down as if you were nodding, all the while keeping that grin.

Worth The Try

We’re assuming some of you have already tried doing some of these exercises while reading this article. We’re also sure you’ve found some of them to be pretty funny and ridiculous to do which is why we recommend you do them in the comfort of your own home where you don’t have to think about other people watching you as you make these funny expressions. 

These exercises will also only be effective if you exert effort and discipline into dedicating time everyday for them. You will also need to do the exercises for at least ten to fifteen seconds.

A Few Reminders

Aside from religiously doing them every day (or night, if you prefer), you will also need to take control of other factors in your day-to-day activities such as your lifestyle, diet, and habits. Avoid overeating unhealthy food so you don’t get excess fat, use your trusted facial and anti-wrinkle creams on your necks, don’t slouch so much, and avoid looking down on your phone and laptops too much. 

If you’re determined and disciplined, you might be on the way to getting that sharp and angular jawline you’ve always dreamed of and finally enjoy taking selfies.





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